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Nov 18, 2010

Died Every Friday Morning

One of ICU beds in the room of a hospital often experience events leading odd .. Each patient will be placed there, died on Friday morning of each day regardless of age, gender, or their health This is very confusing for doctors ... Then the doctors decided to monitor the bed ...

Upon arriving next Friday ... some doctors prepared to identify the cause of death in the bed where the young man when a patient is asleep ... Some doctors hold the Koran as a preparation for Yassin and spirits drive ..

Spinning time ... at 08:00 am .. 08:30 am up at 9.00 am ... all of a sudden ... ... ICU room door was open ... . Then go Aunt Surgery ...A part-time workers as cleaners who only served every Friday .. Login ... approaching the sacred bed ... and continue to pull ...electrical socket for the respirator to turn for help .. vakum cleaner ...

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