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Eat Sandwich

Two best friends go to a fast food shop to order a soft drink.
Once the order until they remove the bread from each sandwich, and began to eat.
The owner of the shop who had fun watching their behavior towardtheir direct and
"Sorry sir, you can not eat your own sandwiches in here !"...

So the two friends was sighted people, among themselves, thenshrugged and started to change
their sandwich ......


Jake is lying in bed at home ... just wait for the lost lives.
His wife, Susan was at his side. Susan holds a weak hand and crying
tears out of her eyes.

When Susan prayed, and she looked at her pale lips began to say it slowly.
"Susan, my wife," she whispered. "My husband, not to talk, relax."
"Susan, I have to admit something," he said weakly.

"There is no need to confess," replied Susan with grief.
"Everything is okay, go to sleep," said his wife, crying.

"No I want to die in peace. Susan, I have been unfaithful to your sister,
Your best friend, and your mother. "

"I know ...," he said. "That's why I poisoned you ..."

Short Life

An old man entered the room doctor for an annual physical examination. After several minutes, the doctor came out and said,"Aaron, I'm sorry, but we found out you have a condition which onlyallows you to live only another six weeks.

"But Doctor," Aaron replied, "I feel healthy, I do not feel better thanthis year ... This can not be true. Is not there can I do?"

After a while, the doctor said, "Yes, you may be new to the healthspa at the end of this road and the mud bath every day. "

Aaron eager to ask, "And it will heal me?"

"No," replied the doctor, "but it will make you familiar with the land."

Diamond Ring

A wife to her husband for not insisting on purchasing a car as her birthday gift. But her husband bought her a diamond ring of extraordinary beauty. Her friends were amazed at the selection.

One was a male friend asked, "Why did you buy your wife a diamond ring, not a car?"

The man smiled and said, "It is difficult finding counterfeit car."

Teacher Farewell Gift

When that is the end of the school year, and a Professor of receiving gifts from her students. Salim son of a flower shop owner gave him a gift. Professor shakes gift box, holding it above his head, and said, "I'm sure I know what this is. .. Some of the flowers?"

"That's right" of the students said, "but how the teacher know?"

"Oh, just a guess," he said.

The next pupil was the daughter of a candy store owner. Professor of holding the prize, shake it, and said, "I'm sure I can guess what this is. A box of sweets."

"That's true, but how the teacher know?" asked the pupil.

"Oh, just guessing," The Guru says.

The next prize is the son of a liquor store owner. Teachers holdings gift box, but the box was leaking. She touched a drop of the leakage with her ​​finger and touched the tongue.

"What is wine?" he asked. "No," answered the children themselves, happily.

Teacher repeats, taking fluid from leaking into the box tongue.

"What is champagne?" he asked.

"No," answered the children themselves, with more smiles.

Teachers feel left before the state,

"I give up, what is this?"

Of the students replied, "That dog!"

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