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i Phone Tips And Tricks - 3 Content

Surfing Internet While Talking

You can get on the internet DURING a call! You can only do this if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network (it won’t work via edge), just hit the "Home" key and click on Safari. Now you’re surfing while talking! The person on the other end can’t hear the keyboard clicks either!

How To Make Full Screen Contact Pictures

Browse to the contact and tap edit. Tap on the photo. Tap edit photo. After it opens in fullscreen, tap set photo and save the contact.

Customize The iPod Buttons

The iPod module on the iPhone starts out with buttons along the bottom for summoning four lists: Playlists, Artists, Songs, and Videos.
What about Albums, Genres and Composers?
They’re there, all right, but hidden; you have to tap "More" to see them.
But what if you use those lists more often than Artists or Songs? No problem: you can replace one of those starter buttons with a list of your own.
Tap "More", and then tap the "Edit" button (upper-left corner). You arrive at the Configure screen. Here’s the complete list of music-and-video sorting lists: Albums, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Genres, Composers, Compilations, Playlists, Artists, Songs, and Videos.
To replace one of the four starter icons, use a finger to drag an icon from the top half of the screen downward, directly onto the existing icon you want to replace. It lights up to show the success of your drag.
When you release your finger, you’ll see that the new icon has replaced the old one. Tap "Done" in the upper-right corner.

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