Don’t want your hair rebonded?

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Feel fabulous with healthy hair!

MAD Deal of the day: RM85 instead of RM415 for a hair cut + rebonding orcolouring or highlighting or perming + scalp treatment [80% discount]

You want to look great, but you always get that little itch in your scalp, which you just can’t stop scratching?

Head on to Senses Hair and Beauty Salon at Kota Damansara, where a senior style list bring your locks up to date with the latest fashion trends. Choose to have your hair rebonded, dying your hair in the colour of your choosing, highlighting your hair or cold perming.

Finish up the session with a hair and scalp treatment to protect your hair and scalp, keeping the itch away.
You may choose to undergo additional chemical services for a 30% discount.

Tell your friends about this deal from Senses Hair and Beauty Salon and be rewarded with every purchase they make through your link.

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